doTERRA Marjoram Essential Oil Spotlight

Marjoram 4

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Also known as “wintersweet” or “joy of the mountains,” Marjoram was known to the Greeks and Romans as a symbol of happiness. Marjoram has been used in culinary dishes, imparting a unique flavor to soups, stews, dressings, and sauces; in Germany, this herb is known as the “Goose Herb” for its traditional use...+

Topical Use of doTERRA Essential Oils


This article was originally featured in the Spring/Summer 2015 LIVING Magazine. Topical application is one of the ways you can experience the benefits of dōTERRA® essential oils. This form of application is unique because it allows for localized effects in the area of the application in addition to providing whole body support. Additionally, you can...+

doTERRA Thyme Essential Oil Spotlight

Thyme 3

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Thought to impart courage to its bearer, Thyme was given to knights and warriors before they went into battle by ladies of the Middle Ages. During this same period, Thyme was often placed beneath pillows to help promote a peaceful sleep and to ward off nightmares. The ancient Greeks used Thyme in their...+