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A Boy’s Story About dōTERRA’s Breathe

David, like other 7 year old boys, loves to play outdoors and be active. But until two months ago, his activity was greatly restricted due to his asthma. Medications were a constant part of his routine, until his mom was introduced to dōTERRA essential oils. Here is David’s story, as told by his mother Bekah:

“We have only been using the oils for a little over 2 months, but they have had a significant impact on our family. Betsy Holmes introduced me to dōTERRA’s essential oils at the end of February–she was here visiting and David was in the middle of an allergic asthma attack. Instead of giving him his scheduled albuterol treatment, we opted to try the Breathe oil. Within minutes he stopped coughing and has whole-heartedly requested the oils instead of his treatments ever since then.

He actually went 2 entire months without an inhaler or steroids. Recently his school nurse administered his inhaler without calling me first and it actually brought on more symptoms instead of relieving them. So, David is hooked on the power of essential oils. We diffuse Breathe at night and apply it to his chest as needed. He is loving it! People around here know my David and how he’s struggled. His story is touching hearts and changing lives with dōTERRA – and he’s super stoked to be a part of it!

David, who is in second grade, was asked to do a social studies project on what he wants to be when he grows up. The project actually required that he answer some questions about his aspirations, and draw a picture of himself, which I totally wish I would have taken a picture of also! This letter was a follow-up to that project. He brought it to me last night.

Thank you, Bekah and David, for sharing your story with us!

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  1. You are fantastic David! I want to cry happy tears when I read your letter because the way you say it is so simple and can help so many people. I am so blessed to know you and your family. I can’t wait to visit again!

  2. A friend of mine gave me this site and has talked to me about your oils. Do you have more literature and/or brochure, etc?

  3. Absolutely precious. Bekah, I’m so glad you were able to really make David’s amazing story public! My friends and family continue to be inspired by his sweet testimony!

  4. Could you share how you used the oils? I’m a teacher and one of my students have a very similar problem. Last february he spent the whole month in the hospital… Thanks!

  5. Absolutely, Marisa! We use a drop of Breathe directly on David’s chest if he’s wheezing or feeling tight. He also loves to just smell the bottle. Most times when he gets very aggravated with allergies or whatever, we diffuse Breathe in his bedroom. Sometimes I’ll even restart it in the night so he’ll rest better. And recently, to keep him from having flare ups at school, I have sent him to school with a cotton pad in his pocket with a drop of Breathe on it. He just takes it out and takes a deep breath… and he loves it! Hope that helps a little :]

  6. wow, that’s amazing!
    Great story! Go DAVID!!!
    Amazing that the Breathe Formula is working miracles for him! I was introduced to doTERRA last week, and they blew my mind… quite possibly the most pure essential oils i’ve ever experienced.

  7. So proud of you, David! You are such a special and awesome little man! Bek, I’m so glad David’s letter made it on here. Who’d of thought? :)

  8. Breathe is one of my favorites because it truly calms everyone in the room and puts them to bed. My mom tried breathe and asked for more (I only gave her a sample). When I asked why she liked it so much she said she had the best sleep ever. I had this same response with two other people who tried Breathe.

  9. So Cute! My 8 year old son has asthma and we have been able to replace his inhaler and steroids with Breathe and the other amazing oils that help with asthma. Thanks for sharing your story!

  10. So, my husband has had asthma since a child (never uses an inhaler). He often complains that the oils are too strong for him. I have just been brushing it off to him being too “drama queenish” until tonight. He said he thought he was starting to get sick and I heard his chest wheezing. I said, ok, that’s it…so off to the oil box I go.

    I come back with a drop of Breathe for him to put in his hand and inhale. He took one of the deepest breathes I have ever seen anyone do and then immediately went into an asthma attack. I was so freaked out! I watched him for about a minute try to catch his breath (which felt like an eternity!). He never turned blue just turned really red and was having a really hard time with little breaths here and there.

    Finally, he got up washed his hands, and then coughed something up out of his lungs. I was so sad that I put him through it. But, in the end, he said he felt better. Holy cow. These oils can have an awfully strong affect on people. I can inhale it all day and feel great immediately. They are wonderful and I love them. I just want everyone to be careful and know they are super strong. Everyone is different.

  11. My mother is 88 years old and she has had asthma almost her whole life. Usually, every time she has an asthma attack,I have to drive her to the emergency room. Since she started using Breathe, she had stoped using her inhalator and I have no need to take her to the hospital. Her attacks come down very quicly when I rub her the oil on her chest and feet. And I put a drop on her hands and she inhales it. Do I love this oil? no doubt about it

  12. I love Breathe also, it helps me with my exercised induced asthma as well as my daughter…a few sniffs during a workout and then all is better. This letter from David brought tears to my eyes…it is that simple, tell the people about these oils and what they do and we can help so many who suffer! Thank you doTERRA!

  13. Hi, I’m new to doTerra and have been trying breathe on my 15 yr okd daughter who has suffered asthma her whole life. She says it helps a little but is slow and then not enough. What should I do? Thanks! Sue

  14. What oils do you use for mold allergies that can present as asthma? Is a diffuser the best way to use the oil during the night?

  15. We’ve had the same experience with our almost 4 year-old daughter. She has been with an inhaler & using a nebulizer for albuterol treatments for over a year for severe asthma attacks that have cost us literally thousands in ER & hospital stays. Her aunt told us how Breathe helped their son with asthma & her mother with breathing difficulties caused by a heart problem. Both her son & mom no longer had to use prescription drugs. It sounded too good to be true but I was desperate to try anything. Our daughter has now had 3 asthma attacks, wheezing, coughing, shortness of breath that were stopped in minutes after rubbing just a tiny dot of Breathe on her upper lip right under her nose. No return & no escalation of the attacks. Unbelievable.. I am so used to the attacks returning within a few hours or escalating till we have to take her to the ER. One attack was in her sleep & I did not even have to wake her up. Amazing. THANK YOU!!

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