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A Day at the Spa with dōTERRA’s New Salon Essentials Hair Care Products

With all of the excitement around dōTERRA’s new Salon Essentials Hair Care line, we wanted to go to a hair care expert to see what she honestly had to say about the products.

dōTERRA reached out to a professional hairstylist, Jovani VanOrden, who works at a destination spa in Park City, Utah to use the products on herself and clients.

Here is what this expert had to say:

“I think the first thing people think when they hear of hair products made with essential oils is ‘That will be way too heavy for my hair!’ But speaking from the point of view of baby fine, super straight, blonde hair I have found all four hair products to be quite the opposite of heavy. Never at any point while using the products have I had the thought that my hair looked or felt weighed down.”

On the Protecting Shampoo

“The Protecting Shampoo has a refreshing citrus smell that is great for both men and women. It lathers nicely and cleans well on the first use. I did not need to use more than the initial nickel size amount. The fact that it is sulfate free means a lot for a girl who colors her hair, knowing that sulfates strip artificial hair color faster than any other ingredient used in hair products. However, often times when using sulfate free products, they tend to lack the ability to build a good lather. This was not the case with this shampoo. The lather was more than sufficient for a good clean feeling.”

On the Smoothing Conditioner

“The Smoothing Conditioner is also a nice lightweight conditioner. When I used it in the shower, the smell of the peppermint and eucalyptus oils came through and mixed with the steam of the hot water to create an invigorating aromatherapy experience. The peppermint gives the scalp a slight cooling effect, which is nice and very complementary to the shower’s hot water. I also found that a nickel size amount was plenty for my hair. It smoothed my hair nicely without leaving a waxy feeling residue you sometimes get with other conditioners.”

On the Healthy Hold Glaze

“After I towel dried my hair, I squirted a nickel size amount of Healthy Hold Glaze into the palm of my hand and rubbed it between both hands, making sure the product was evenly distributed all over my hands before working it into my hair. This prevents any large globs of product ending up in one isolated part of the hair. I didn’t hold back on this product. I work it from roots to ends when I am using it on myself, as well as on clients. I love that it triples as a root lifter, heat protector, and styling product. It is smooth enough that it still allows a round brush to glide flawlessly through the hair, yet sturdy enough to hold the style without being stiff, giving the hair a ‘memory hold’ when used with a blow dryer. Not to mention the amazing shine it adds to the hair — another hard thing for blondes to get without the greasiness.”

On the Root to Tip Serum

“The Root to Tip Serum is a very multi-functional product. I love to use this product before and after blow drying, as a scalp treatment, or as a wash and air dry product. The product, when used in the right amount, absorbs so amazingly well into the hair you truly have to use it to believe it. The smell of the product is intense and can awaken any drowsy mind. When using as a scalp treatment, I recommend brushing the scalp first with a boar bristle brush using medium pressure; the point is to exfoliate the scalp. When finished, either drop the serum directly onto the scalp scattering drops throughout, or apply to the hands and begin working it into the scalp with the fingertips. Once the product is worked throughout, massage in circular movements. I usually spend 20 minutes on the scalp massage. Follow with shampoo and conditioner, or brush through to the ends of the hair and leave in for the day for an extra conditioning effect. When using this as a styling aid, I work a couple of drops of the product in my hands and apply from the ends of my hair to the mid shaft of the hair, staying away from the roots. If I curl the hair, I will take a drop or two rub it in my hands and lightly run my fingers through the curls from mid shaft to ends to give a piecy soft look to the curl.”

Editor’s note: Root to Tip Serum can be used on all parts of the hair when styling, including the scalp. The product absorbs into the scalp and roots without leaving an oily residue.


“Love all of the products would recommend them for all hair types!”

Below are photos of Jovani using doTERRA’s Salon Essentials Hair Care products on two of her clients.[nggallery id=1]

Tips on different ways to use dōTERRA’s Salon Essentials Hair Care products:

  • Rub the Root to Tip Serum in your hands and then run through hair. This will make the serum go into your hair more smoothly and eliminate any large oil spots in your hair.
  • After you are done styling your hair, rub a dime size amount of Healthy Hold Glaze into your hair for added protection, texture, and to smooth away any frizz.
  • For a deeper condition, leave the Smoothing Conditioner in your hair for 15-30 minutes. Enjoy a bubble bath while you’re at it.
  • Mix the Healthy Hold Glaze and Root to Tip Serum together in your hands, then rub together and apply for one easy application.
  • Apply Healthy Hold Glaze to dry hair before making barrel curels with a curling iron for a light, non sticky hold.
  • For extra shine and fly away control, put some Root to Tip Serum in your hair after you finish styling.
  • Have a dry, itchy scalp? Rub Root to Tip Serum on scalp to relieve the itch.

Learn more about each Salon Essentials Hair Care product and their benefits here.

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  1. my daughter, 4, has curly hair and if her hair is not put up, looks like tarzan’s twin. The root to tip serum keeps her hair tamed, detangled, soft and managable. It allows her curls to fall nicely, she loves the product! (and I am hoping it helps to deter head lice which can be a problem in schools!)

  2. I received all of these products about two weeks ago and could not be happier with the results! I have very fine hair which usually does not take well to styling. Since I have been using DoTerra’s new Salon Essentials Hair Care Line, my hair is softer, silkier and easier to straighten. Last week, at the end of church, the woman behind be told me that she wanted to pet my hair it looked so soft and beautiful. I told her that I had just literally rolled out of bed from the night before and had not even styled it since the morning before! Thanks DoTerra :)

  3. I didn’t think I’d like the root to tip serum, but I can’t get enough of it. It smells AMAZING! And just a TINY bit keeps my frizzy, wavy hair looking soft, shiny and smooth all day. I can’t believe how long it’s lasting.

  4. Any evidence or experience with hair regrowth for people who have lost their hair through Chemo or other means?

  5. I have had the worst luck with finding hair products that do not cause some form of reaction – I am looking forward to actually experiencing a product that is truly natural with ingredients that will help my scalp rather then harm it.

  6. Any caution needed if I have extensions? I have the tape in ones in the back and the fusion (or hot glued ones) on the rest of my head? I’m concerned about the citrus oils breaking the glue down.

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