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Are Essential Oils Safe for my Kids?

dōTERRA’s Dr. David Hill explains the safety of using essential oils on children.

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  1. Wonderful.
    I would like to know the book name he used.
    what essential book that he said?
    I’m very interested in it.
    Could I get it?
    And how?
    Please let me know someone!

  2. Dr. Hill didn’t mention a book in this video clip, however, you might be referring to a popular essential oil book referenced in other videos. It is called Modern Essentials, and it can be purchased here:

  3. I recommend doTERRA ‘s Family Physician Kit to all.
    It is my first aid kit which I carry in the little zip purse.
    Every family needs a Family Physican kit at home and in the car when travelling.
    Also I have had great success with animals.
    My daughter’s puppy had not been vacinated for kennel cough (he was too young) when he came in contact with a dog who was suffering kennel cough.
    We put OnGaurd on his coat and he did not catch Kennel Cough.
    Thank you doTERRA you have saved us a fortune in Vet Fees

  4. What ages of children are recommended for using oils topically?
    What ages of children are recommended for using oils internally?

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