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Ask Dr. Hill – How Do I Maximize the Benefits of Essential Oils?

dōTERRA’s Dr. David Hill offers a few suggestions on how to maximize the benefits of essential oils.

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  1. This is great, thanks Dr Hill. Hope you can assist our aged care in Australia, and the marvellous work the staff at my Mother’s facility are doing.

    They are looking at with the research on superbugs, as many residents are not prevented from having visitors as they are in lock down mode at the moment due to the high incidence of colds and flu.

    I spoke with the Director of Nursing tonight and she is so excited about the wonderful, natural products we have.

    Looking forward to catching up to their aromatherapist tomorrow with a couple of samples.

    Thank you for all the research and work you do to bring us the beautiful Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.



  2. will you produce a stevia plant oil, also vanilla bean oil so I can put in coffee/latte?…….thanks

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