DIY: Make Your Own On Guard Hand Cleanser

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Hand cleansers are a convenient, on-the-go solution for cleansing your hands when soap and water are unavailable. This homemade version will not only cleanse your hands, but moisturize them too.

What You Need:

5 tablespoons aloe vera gel

4 tablespoons water

1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil

8-10 drops On Guard Protective Blend

Small Squeeze Container

Note: Essential oils can be stored in plastic containers if the essential oils are highly diluted. Make sure they are high quality if you do use plastic containers.


1. In a bowl combine aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil.

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2. Add 8-10 drops of On Guard Protective Blend to the aloe vera mixture.

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3. Add water and mix well to combine. Add more or less water depending on the consistency you want.

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4. Pour into container and you’re done! Put your homemade hand cleanser in your bag, car, or office for an effective, alcohol-free hand cleanser.

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online, or from any of our Wellness Advocates. If you would like to locate a Wellness Advocate in your area, click here.

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product.

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  1. I am very excited to try this. I have been making soap, chapstick, the laundry balls and am always searching for new ideas!
    Thanks for posting this!

  2. I have a recipe (thanks Anita!) with alcohol free witch hazel, aloe vera gel and 10 drops of oils. Cleansing, softening, safe and smells good too!

    2 T aloe vera gel
    1 T alcohol-free witch hazel
    10 drops CPTG oils of choice (I use 2 lavendar, 2 melalueca, and 6 On Guard…it smells awesome!!)

    Makes approximately 2 bottles 15ml
    I’m going to play with this one…Vit E is always a lovely addition.

  3. I love mixing witch hazel in an empty 15mL bottle and adding 10 drops of OnGuard, Lavender or Melaleuca. I put a spray top on and you’re good to go!

  4. I have made the hand sanitizer I saw several months ago using 4 different essential oils, aloe vera gell and water and I really like it. I put it in a glass pump bottle but this one will allow me to carry it with me which will be nice.

  5. We take the small 2oz spray bottles from AromaTools and add 2-4 drops Purify blend to Distilled water. A perfect size to keep in the purse and make a great disinfecting cleaner and hand spray. 1-2 sprays on the hands. Perfect for camping too. Can easily spray drown your tray on the plane or the handle on your shopping cart at the grocery store. Plus we even got soy sauce out of a white shirt with it once.

  6. Will any of the essential oils work that have antibacterial or antiviral properties? I would like to make some different ones for friends who love certain oils.

  7. Yes, this recipe can be substituted with any of your favorite antibacterial essential oils. Have fun and let us know what your favorite combinations are!

  8. I fill a 10ml roller bottle to the neck with fractionated coconut oil, add 8 drops OnGuard, and I have a very convenient hand sani I can carry anywhere.

  9. I keep all my empty doTERRA bottles, so I’ll make this recipe in an empty OnGuard bottle and put a spray top on it!

  10. I will be making this with aloe gel that you can take internally. It can be found it in the health department at my local grocery store, but not all stores carry it.

  11. You can purchase the tiny spray tops from Also, I use FCO and OnGuard to make my own hand sanitizers in empty pen-style spray dispensers. Perfect for stashing just about anywhere! Purse, picnic cooler, diaper bag, etc. Love this idea ,too–might have to try the aloe vera gel.

  12. Great ideas and wonderful help, thank you everyone!
    Does anyone have a recipe for shampoo? I have search and search and coming up with nothing. Thanks!

  13. I use the one ounce spray bottles (from aroma tools) with 10 drops of OnGuard and fill the rest with distilled water. shake it up and use! keep it in the car, purse, diaper bag, kids bathroom, etc,etc,

  14. wow totally love it. I work in care homes and everyone uses that nasty alcohol base one, I refuse to so thankful for this recipe. Can’t wait to make it tomorrow.

  15. Tried this but the water and gel did not blend well :( I am only getting water out of the bottle (the gel is stuck to the inside walls). any suggestions on different ratio/blends?

  16. Made this with 20 drops OnGuard, 10 drops FCO and filled the 5ml bottle with Aloe Vera Juice for a great spray sanitizer.

  17. Question: do the Oils not break down silicone? are we able to put this mixture in the silicone squeeze containers? is that what is pictured here?

  18. So it works well with just distilled water? I was planning on making it with witch hazel but just saw the witch hazel has alcohol (although significantly less than the regular sanitizers!) I was hoping to make an inexpensive alcohol-free sanitizer using the On Guard.

  19. if you don’t have the on guard can you mix your own if you have the ingredients and if so are they equal parts of each one of the essential oils?

  20. Little people can not carry sanitizers that will not self dispense in their bags. Suggestion: Pre-spray pre-cut paper towels with the sanitizers and they can carry them in a zip-lock bag in their backpacks. What do you think?

  21. I’ve been super curious to any facts someone could share with me about essential oils used in hand sanitizer.

    One of my questions: how long does the oil actually remain on the surface on the skin, killing germs?

  22. Kerry, I would use the OnGuard diluted with fractionated coconut oil. You can purchase this from doTerra when you order the OnGuard

  23. Since OnGuard has Wild Orange in it (a citrus oil), do we need to be concerned about photosensitivity? I’m just thinking it may not be very practical if we can’t use it when we’re out & about during the day.

  24. I’m having a hard time finding a squeeze bottle like the one pictured. I’ve looked on Amazon and AromaTools but haven’t found anything like it. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to find one?

  25. I love having an alternative to hand sanitizer! Thank you! Does anyone know where I can get info about the effectiveness of this recipe so I can use it with confidence and recommend it to friends? Thank you!!!

  26. I have said this in the past to a friend and she wanted to know if any research or comparisons have been done between this and regular hand sanitizers. She is a doctor and is wary of using it instead of hand sanitizer, especially in her practice. I have explained that they have antibiotic and antifungal properties but she wants scientific studies saying it is just as or more effective than traditional with alcohol.

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