DIY: Reed Diffuser

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If you are looking for a fun and decorative way to diffuse essential oils then you will love this DIY reed diffuser! This easy diffuser is great to have at home, in the office, at school, or anywhere you would like the aroma and benefits of essential oils. You can easily customize this diffuser to fit your style and personality by using your favorite container and essential oils.


What You Need:


1/4 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil

15 drops of your favorite essential oils

reed diffuser sticks

Note: You can purchase reed diffuser sticks at most craft and candle stores.


Put Fractionated Coconut Oil and essential oils into glass container.




Add reed diffuser sticks.

Screen shot 2013-10-17 at 5.09.38 PM

You’re done! It may take up to a day for the essential oil blend to make it’s way up the diffuser for you to smell.

Tip: Flip each reed every 2-3 days for a stronger aroma.

dōTERRA essential oils can be purchased online, or from any of our Independent Product Consultants. If you would like to locate a Product Consultant in your area, click here.

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  1. I love this!
    Two questions:
    Why fractionated coconut oil?
    How much or what ratio essential oil to coconut oil?

  2. I love this idea!! I have been looking for something for work and just to have around the house when I’m not using my Lotus diffuser. Thanks for the idea!!

  3. Would olive oil work? I tried it before and I don’t know if I just wasn’t using enough EO or if the olive oil caused the reeds not to soak up the oils. Thank you!

  4. This is GREAT :-) I can’t use anything that plugs-in at work – so no diffuser :-( I have a make shift “diffuser” that is a piece of gauze clipped to a small fan. This is a much more attractive way to meet my needs :-)! Thanks a bunch!

  5. This will be a great DIY for the Holidays! You can also get some Rose Buds diffuser reeds at MyOilBusiness, to add as a decor. Thanks for a great tutorial – we could diffuse essential oils into the air naturally! My favorites: Elevation, Citrus Bliss, Lavender, Ylang-Ylang, the Holiday Joy blend, & Cedarwood.

  6. So I made one of these for my bathroom and I set it up about two days ago. So far, its not smelling at all. Any other tips?

  7. I just pour some oil in an empty oil bottle, or use the end of a bottle of oil, cut the sticks in half, throw em in and done. Could even get creative and decorate the bottle too. I love recycling stuff.

  8. Hi Josyu,

    1. You can use any light oil – such as Fractionated Coconut Oil, almond oil, olive oil, grapeseed oil, etc.
    2. You will want to use 15 drops of oil to every 1/4 cup you use.

  9. Much mahalo for this wonderful lesson! I love the doTerra scents and have used a few drops in my Rainbow water/air filter which requires plugging into an electrical outlet.

    Using diffuser sticks is such a great way to scent a room!!!

    With aloha,


  10. Any substitution for reed diffuser sticks? I have some bamboo skewers for grilling.. I didn’t see anything about a sub? Think it would work?

  11. What a great idea! So glad I found this! So simple and yet I never thought of it. Much better than the chemical reed diffusers and I have an old house with a lack of outlets, so very useful for me.

  12. I tried making two different diffusers following the instructions and I had no luck. I can only smell it if I put my face in the diffuser. I tried rotating the reeds. Any suggestions?

  13. Does it HAVE to be diffuser reeds or can I use bamboo skewers? I have A LOT left over from the Independence Day holiday. :)

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