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DIY: Use These Two Ingredients to Say Goodbye to Dust Mites and Hello to a Cleaner Mattress

sleepYou often sanitize your counters, scrub your bathroom, and vacuum your floors—but how often do you clean your mattress?

Most people spend around eight hours every night on their mattress and are completely unaware that they could be sharing their bed with millions of dust mites.

Dust mites are tiny bugs that are so small they can only be seen with a microscope. They stay alive by eating human skin flakes and thrive in a warm and humid environment. Ideal environments for dust mites usually include mattresses, pillows, carpets, upholstered furniture, and fabric-covered items.

Dust mites can even cause an allergic reaction in some individuals that is similar to hay fever and asthma, making it difficult to breathe, or can even cause sneezing or a runny nose.

A simple way to rid dust mites is to clean your mattress, carpet, and upholstered furniture using just baking soda and essential oils.

According to this study, dust mites can be killed by using peppermint, eucalyptus or wintergreen essential oil. When combined with baking soda, which absorbs moisture, deodorizes and sanitizes, this powerhouse duo can be an extremely effective, natural, and non-toxic household cleaner.

What You Need:resize 1

1 cup baking soda (enough for a queen size mattress)

10  drops dōTERRA essential oil

Mason jar with lid



How to Clean Your Mattress:

1- Remove bed linens and wash them in hot water.

2- Add the baking soda and essential oils to a Mason jar. Shake to evenly distribute the oils.

Editor’s note: Use an essential oil that will help further repel dust mites, such as Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove, or Rosemary.

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3- Put the baking soda mixture into the sifter and sift across your mattress. (You may need to double your baking soda mixture depending on the size of your mattress).

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4- Leave the mixture on your mattress for at least an hour. The longer you leave it, the better the results.

5- Once the mixture has been on the mattress for at least an hour, use your vacuum hose to remove the mixture from the mattress.

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6- Make your bed with clean sheets and enjoy the fresh smell of your mattress. Repeat every 2-3 months, or as often as needed.

Editor’s note: To deep clean your carpet or upholstered furniture, mix together the baking soda and essential oils and sift onto whatever area you are cleaning. Let it sit for at least one hour and then vacuum. It’s easyand effective!


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  1. I am new to doterra, but around 2 years ago I had someone sleep on my Temperdic bed that wore lots of perfume. I called Temperdic and they recommended me to cover it with baking soda and let it sit for a while, which I did for most of the day and the baking soda took out the smell with no damage done to my mattress.

    I will in the future add my doterra oils to the baking soda to freshen my mattress;-)

  2. I would also like to know if it is safe for the Temperpedic mattress. Will this work for a sleep number mattress without the memory foam topping?

  3. Love this idea! I’ve been suffering from bad allergies recently so this caught my attention. I always vacuum my mattress but the thought of adding the baking soda and essential oil is fantastic. I’m not only going to do this myself, I’m going to distribute this in my monthly newsletter. Thanks so much!

  4. This sounds so much less expensive than other mattress cleaners I have read about. Yay for doTERRA!

  5. It is my understanding that dust mites do not live in the foam that makes up a Temperpedic mattress. If you have a “cloud” toper on may not apply as it is not just foam.

  6. If you carefully read the very technical ncbi report, it says that clove oil is the most effective oil for treatment against dust mites. The second and third references are more of a definition and explanation of dust mites and the problems they cause (allergies, etc.) While the treatment listed here is not harmful and may do some good; the study does not specifiy exactly how to apply the oils. It just says that clove is most effective and other oils are helpful. This is how I interpreted the study at least.

  7. Great idea to add a few drops of EO to baking soda.
    I have been vacuuming as well as using baking soda. Thanks for the reminder to add peppermint or lavender to the soda.

    In addition to smelling nice, the lavender will help you relax and benefits your sleep!


  8. A friend uses a spray bottle with a couple of drops of lavender and eucalyptus when changing the linen – she sleeps like a baby afterwards she says – and it smells cool too, but I will never forget the sample vacuumed up by a salesman many years ago – gross!! So this sounds a great method too to have hygenic sleep – especially good for my grandson I would imagine as he has acne and often is of concern – still to use our beautiful oils – “resistance is futile” the “Borg” from Star Wars used to say – hopefully he will not object to my using them on the mattress next time we change the linen.

  9. I often use lavender with water, in a sprayer on our pillows for a restful sleep. It’s a great smell!

  10. When we moved into a new place, one of the rooms reeked of dog. The landlord said the carpets had been cleaned. I vacuumed and vacuumed, but to no avail. I tried some baking soda with lavender, left it on for a couple of days (we hadn’t moved in yet), and after a couple of applications there was no more dog smell!

  11. Although lavender oil is pictured in the article, the recipe doesn’t specify. Can any oil be used? I was thinking about TerraShield and/or Melaleuca oils. Any thoughts?

  12. Hi Heidi,

    The article suggests using Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Clove, or Rosemary essential oil. TerraShield or Melaleuca could work as well.

  13. These mixtures can be used on ANY mattress. I have owned a sleep number (now the guest bed) and currently have a Bio Posture (foam type of mattress that is not made from petrochemicals- non-VOC)

    Baking soda will only “draw” odors from the surface it is in close proximity too. I use a similar mixture for carpet “freshening” this time of year (SPRING CLEANING!!) and am SO excited to experiment with different EO’s.

    In fact baking soda, arrowroot powder and EO is my deodorant. For my husband and me both! We both Crossfit, and no one ever says we stink!! LOVE IT! :-)

  14. I used this receipe to freshen up a bed after coming home from surgery and spending 2 weeks bedridden. the bed and room are wonderfully refreshed.

    I also bought 3 jackets at a yard sale, but the stench of mothballs was awful. I put the jackets in a large sealable bag with baking soda and my favorite lavender oil. Left the bag closed for 2 weeks, shaking it up every day. Now the jackets are wonderfully fresh.

  15. Does anyone know if you can use a spray to kill dust mites rather then using baking soda? just thinking with as many kids as I have it would be so much faster to just spray the mattress down and not have to come back to vacuum it. any ideas?? I want it clean and allergen free not just to smell nice (although that is a nice benefit)

  16. I am trying the lavender EO on a memory foam mattress placed on top of a conventional mattress. I left the memory foam cover on. Research done on reveals “beds are a prime habitat (where 1/3 of life occurs). A typical used mattress may have anywhere from 100,000 to 10 million mites inside (10% of the weight of a 2 year old pillow can be composed of dead mites and their droppings).”
    I am new to Essential Oils and their fabulous uses all over your life, and could not wait to get my oils so I can do this. My s/o suggested putting the mixture in a clean, leftover large spice bottle with shaker holes… much simpler than fooling around with a sifter. Don’t forget to turn the ceiling fan off!!! I used lavender, and I’m leaving it on for 2 hours min. Ellen Smith, Tampa, FL

  17. I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am not sure whether this post is written by
    him as no one else know such detailed about my problem.
    You are incredible! Thanks!

  18. The results have been remarkable for my allergy relief. I did one cup of baking soda with 4 drops Lavender, 3 drops Eucalyptus, and 3 drops Peppermint! (I did that same recipe for the carpet in the bedroom as well.) It smelled wonderful so I left it for about 4 hours and then vacuumed it off of our select comfort bed and carpeting. It was the first time in many years that I woke up breathing through my nose instead of my mouth in the morning! What can I say? DoTerra has changed my life!!!!

  19. I’m confused. The editor’s notes suggests using lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, or rosemary, but the study cited did not mention the use of lavender or peppermint in the experiment. I prefer the smell of lavender, but don’t want to use it if it hasn’t been proven effective to kill dust mites. Does the editor have info from another study proving the effectiveness of lavender that led to his/her suggestion for it’s use?

  20. I have been reading that Cedarwood Oil is effective in killing fleas, tics, bed bugs, firebrat ants and mites. One can purchase ready made, but I would like to make my own. I have been trying to find measurements. Carrier oil to Essential Oil for bathing my dog, and to spray on floors, upholstery, mattress etc. I read the 2% for adults vs 1% for children, and I believe it is 1/4 the adult dose for pets, but unsure. Any suggestions or links would be helpful, meanwhile, I will continue looking. Thanks for the info I have read, A nice site to visit.

  21. Dust mites are killing me!!!! As soon as I start doing computer work they attack me. I cannot see them. Please help. I already applied Baking Soda on carpets of three rooms (there is tile in living room, etc.) vacuumed every corner of the house with no avail. HELP, HELP.

  22. Hi @Robin Saunders,

    Clove oil will kill scabies. Just mix it with a carrier oil (like almond, jojoba, coconut, etc) and apply to skin. Aura Cacia has a nice clove oil. But the Now brand is quite a bit cheaper – you’ll just need more of it at a time. Careful around the eyes and private parts! Spray your sheets with a mixture of clove oil and water too every day, as well as any surfaces you can think of. And put your bedding at least in the dryer on high for 20 minutes per day along with any clothing you may be wearing. No need to wash them every day. And that should take care of the nasty buggers! =)

  23. @Beatriz, I agree with Debbie. Definitely sounds more like one of her suggestions. I would treat that area by spraying a clove oil concoction on it (mix clove with water in spray bottle). Keep it up, AND treat yourself by rubbing down with clove oil and a carrier oil, but be careful around your eyes and sensitive areas. Clove oil is powerful, so use accordingly. Best of luck!

  24. I used the LLP allergy mix (equal drops of lavender, lemon, peppermint) with baking soda, since I figured can be effective decreasing dust mites as well as my allergy symptoms to them. Sprinkled and left on bed and pillows ( which are then put in clean pillow inner liner/protectors, then regular case) a few hours, vacuumed up – smells lovely! and I’ve been sleeping better and waking up without congestion.

  25. i just like to confirm that There are research by (assistant Professor) who teach in university and now commercial products of “clove oil with cinnamon oil” diluted to “1% in ethyl alcohol” for use as spray directly to mattress surface which these ingredient will 100% eliminate dust mites.
    Those dust mite dies 100% in 30minutes as smoking method and in 10 minutes as directly spray.

    i am allergy to dust mites, not fatal but i am suffer.

    english is not my language, apologise if cannot understand.

    i think anyone have any question can ask hime by email.
    PS. i like this website and all the comments. they are great.
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  26. Thanks doterra, and the people who shared helpful comments! My question is, does the lavender, baking soda, has effects on mite remains? I have read that the dust mite allergen actually comes from mite feces, and not mite itself! any ideas? Thanks.

  27. Love the idea to use the Baking Soda and EO’s on the mattress. What do you recommend for pillows? Do Dust Mites live in Pillows? Blankets? Sheets? If yes, does anyone have laundry tips to kill the Dust Mites there as well?

    Thank you!

  28. Will this work to remove mildew smells on comforters…or does anyone know of a good remedy for that? I already tried adding On Guard and Oregano to the wash…it helped, but did not cure it.

  29. Amy Tolliver have you tried thieves oil in the wash for the mildew? Easy recipe is equal parts clove lemon cinnamon eucalyptus and rosemary oil I also add lavender to mine. I am currently suffering from biting mites just like Beatriz and no they aren’t fleas or bedbugs and they will make you feel like your going crazy. I’ve just mixed thieves oil with baking soda and put it all over my house I also just got a new Sealed vaccum cleaner the kind for allergies mines a shark navigator lift away pro and I’ve had some success in at least reducing the amount of bites, and they are bites they come in waves at certain times of the day. I’m also getting a steam cleaner that I can use on anything another shark lift away in fact. These mites are driving me nuts and I just happened to just buy a 13 lb bag of baking soda today (to calm itching) and just found this site by searching to see if it might help to get rid of them I put my full name cause im on you tube and g+ as well and will probably be posting there as well about any success I have in this which will be pretty easy for me to gauge since they are eating me alive, good luck everyone

  30. Does the baking soda and oil combination pull the mites up to the surface? How deep into a mattress do they actually live? Curious how this solution works. Is this a surface remedy or does it penetrate deep into the mattress?

  31. I work in a warehouse and dust mites are becoming a problem there are you telling me the only way to stop them from bothering me in to go to work smelling like a christmas tree? is there another way?

  32. Can cedarwood help with dust mites in furniture as well?

    I wouldn’t mind killing 2 birds with 1 stone after hearing and reading many testimonials that cedarwood helps with sleep and reading this from the dōTERRA blog:

    “Repels moths and other insects”

    dōTERRA, could this be added to the baking soda blend for dust mites?

    Quote source:
    EO Spotlight: Cedarwood
    Posted on March 24, 2014 by dōTERRA
    – See more at:

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