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dōTERRA – Essential Oils for Ear Infections

Dr. David Hill explains how essential oils may be used to combat ear infections.

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  1. Shortly after the Conference in October my husband got an infected toe. This was serious for him because he has type II diabetes. While checking his feet I noticed his second toe was inflamed all the way to where it meets the foot and he had infection around the toenail. The nail looked blue and I was sure he would lose it eventually.
    Instead of rushing to the doctor who we were sure would put him on an anitbiotic, I treated his toe with Frankinsence for the inflamation and On Guard for the infection. I drained the infection, used the oils and covered his toe with a bandaid. Within 2 days the inflamation was gone. I continued to dress his toe every morning using On Guard. It took about 3 weeks to heal. He eventually lost the nail. We are both very happy with the way the oils worked.

  2. Unfortunately, we do not have expertise on the use of essential oils on animals, so we do not recommend it and can’t say that it will help for sure. However, some people do use them for horses and dogs. We don’t recommend using them on cats because they do not respond well to essential oils. We recommend looking to resources of essential oil user groups for additional information on essential oils and pets.

  3. Hope it’s ok but I thought I’d leave a comment about using oils on animals:)I have used them on ears…Melaleuca with cocanut oil…but i don’t put it down in the ear canal just on the outside of the ear canal. I’ve used Digest Zen to bring my horses out of colic and I’ve even used one drop on the bottom of my cats foot for worms. worked great!!! but yes you do need to be very careful with cats:)

    Happy oiling from The Mom of 9 horses, 8 dogs and 13 cats:)

  4. I was unclear why doTERRA would make a comment on this blog that they have no experience using oils on animals when the latest Modern Essentials book has several pages of recommendations. There is much information in the field about the use of oils to treat animals,and doTERRA could be so helpful to many animal owners, by sharing this information. Thank you!!! A happy oil user and sharer.

  5. Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
    we have a IPC that has this and we can’t find out what oils she could take or if the the oils would hurt her.

  6. Although dōTERRA Product Support Services does not provide individual diagnosis or make treatment recommendations there are many great resources available to help you learn the many applications of essential oils for different conditions. To find appropriate and complete answers to your oil application questions, we recommend you visit one the many quality independent web sites managed by essential oil user groups (e.g. or good reference books such as Modern Essentials to learn of other’s experience with essential oils and then contact your healthcare professional if you have further questions.

  7. I have a new IPC who is interested in taking the LLV, but wants to be assured there is nothing in the supplements that would thin his blood. Also, are there any oils he should avoid that would cause his blood to thin? He has been on blood thinners for many years after heart surgery and is currently on coumadin.

  8. No responsible essential oil user would ever put them in ears eyes etc! One needs proper training to use them medicinally!!!!! Not a few videos.
    Colleen K. Dodt
    Author The Essential Oils Book

  9. Hi!!
    My sister is having an ear infection from her childhood, she had taken various treatments from ear specialist, but she hasn’t rid of the problem yet. After watching this video I am gonna suggest her to try basil essential oil. I trust doTERRA Essential Oil so hope that she will finally get rid of her ear problem. Thanks a lot!!! :)

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