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dōTERRA Inspired Poetry

After learning about poetry in school, 11-year-old Annelise Brown felt inspired to write the following poem about dōTERRA essential oils. We think she has a bright future!

dōTERRA Essential Oils
by Annelise Brown

I hope that you all love essential oils
They help you through life’s hard times and life’s toils
I know DigestZen is my new best friend
It puts all my stomach aches to an end
Citrus Bliss helps me through all my math
And when I’m sad, it takes me down the happy path
Lavender helps me relax to sleep
And I relax so much I don’t want to peep
Breathe helps me breathe when I am sniffly
And Deep Blue helps me not to act so stiffly
On Guard smells like some good Russian tea
And fights off the virus infecting me
Some water mixed with Lemon tastes so good
And detoxifies your body like it should
Frankincense is more valuable than gold
Or at least, that’s what my mother was told
Peppermint is very good for headaches
It’s good to use in recipes like Shakes
And so I could go on and on and on
But this poem is already too long
And now you know why I love these oils so much
I love to see, and smell, and even touch
My mother lets me use the oils a lot
And so please give dōTERRA one more thought

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  1. T love it!!

    This is the soul of doTERRA.

    “It is so wonderful, when someone gets an idea and is able to hold it purely enough that an entire movement or corporation will follow in behind it, because the movement of that Energy benefits everyone.” — Abraham

    doTERRA’s CPTG EOs surely benefit everyone, but not only that doTERRA’s CPTG EOs inspire everyone to share Love.


  2. Wow! What a very awesome poem! I would like to print it and use it! I LOVE doTERRA and I’m glad you have learned about it at a young age. You will have a healthy, happy life from the start! Good job!

  3. That is a great poem! You did a wonderful job! The oils are the greatest, and have changed my life.

  4. Brilliant!!! we need more young inspired people to tell the world about the amazing doTerra oils… thanks for sharing.

  5. Fantastic job Annelise!! I would love to use it too.. Would that be OK?? So glad that you have been led to the oils at your young age too…. Keep up the Great work, and continue to use your talant.. Expecting to see your work in print someday..

  6. Well done, Annelise! You are very creative! I enjoyed reading your description of the oils! Thanks

  7. I love this! You wrote it so beautifully! And all so true, my 10 and 8 year old daughters love doTerra oils too!

  8. Fantastic Annelise, thanks for the gorgeous poem about how to live a healthy way, with these beautiful oils and blends. They certainly are like gold – precious as you. xoxo

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