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Holiday Joy—More Than Just a Fragrance?

Holiday Joy is one of our most sought after oil blends during the holiday season because it fills homes with the aroma of the holidays. Some may think that dōTERRA’s Holiday Joy Blend can only be used as a fragrance, but remember that these are essential oils, after all, and each oil in the blend helps to provide many benefits.

Let’s take a look at each essential oil in the blend and how they can benefit you:

Wild Orange: Great for helping to energize and revitalize your mind and body. Wild Orange also helps uplift your mood and reduces anxiety. Who wouldn’t like those benefits around the holiday?

Pine: Bring the smell of a live Christmas tree into your home. It is antibacterial, which can help reduce the airborne pathogens in your home keeping your family healthy and happy.

Cassia: Historically, Cassia was used and mentioned in Old Testament literature. It contains properties to help maintain physical and emotional well being, and is known for its ability to calm one’s anxiety. Its spicy aroma is also great during the cold months.

Cinnamon Bark: According to a research study, cinnamon essential oil was found to have some of the strongest antimicrobial properties when compared with other essential oils. This oil has been studied to fight viral and infectious disease; and research shows it is difficult for microbes to survive in its presence. It is also one of the essential oils found in dōTERRA’s On Guard Protective Blend to help support your immune system.

Nutmeg: This sweet and spicy aroma does more than just have a wonderful smell, it also helps comforts and sooth your emotional well-being.

Vanilla: Helps calm and relax, uplifts moods, and can help reduce stress, anger, tension, and irritability. Every home could use a little more relaxation instead of tension during the holidays.

Holiday Joy is certainly more than just a fragrance! Make sure to diffuse it in your home to keep your family happy, healthy, and joyful this holiday season.

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  1. **Really neat story to share** My friend Amanda just called to tell me about her gift of Holiday Joy oil she sent to her brother in Afghanistan for Christmas. He loved it so much that he put drops all over the tent and dropped some in the fans. When a soldier would come in and smell the aroma they each loved it so much and said it reminded them so much of home at Christmas time!! It brought a piece of home to those so far away. One said he wanted to eat the walls (where the drops were)! It is wonderful that Holiday Joy did it’s job for the soldiers serving our country. What a great gift.

  2. Pohai, It doesn’t have the supplement fact label on the side, so I wouldn’t think that it can be taken internally. I’m not positive about that though…I just got my bottle of this in the mail today and I was so excited to try it. I have it in the diffuser now and I LOVE it! I am going to have to order a couple of more and give as gifts, as well!

  3. All I smell in the Holiday Joy I received is White Fir…doesn’t smell like Christmas at all. The descriptions list Orange as a first ingredient, but that is not the primary scent. I’m thinking I may have a different blend or an oops. Wish I knew how much of some other oils to add to make it smell as wonderful as I had hoped. I tried adding Peppermint and Cinnamon…maybe I’ll try Orange and Clove next time. I’m glad to read others are happy with it, maybe it is just me.

  4. You know Bonnie, I was thinking the same thing… It didn’t scream “holidays” to me. I think onGuard smells more holiday-y than this one (?) I was hoping for something that smelled of fir (because we can’t do a live tree at our house) but it wasn’t as “strong” as I expected. I think I’ll add some extra orange to it and see how that goes :)

  5. I would really love to purchase this marvelous blend. Can I buy it now because it is not showing up as an option for purchase.

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