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In Record Time!

We want to recognize Brady Thurgood for achieving Diamond rank in only 61 days! This breaks the previously held record by Allyse Sedivy, who reached Diamond rank in 62 days. Brady is also our youngest Diamond rank member at 21 years old. Talk about ambition!

Way to go, Brady!


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  1. How about sharing his secret to success so we can implement some of his strategies? That would be greatly appreciated. 😉

  2. This needs to be told at convention how he did this so all can duplicate…don’t you think??

  3. Fantastic achievement at such a young age, congratulations its very inspiring and a beacon for all that when you set your mind to it…. anything is possible…. Cheers…. Big Al Connolly

  4. Congratulation Brady, I hope you can share your secret, how did you do it? I been with doTerra for a year now and it’s harder and harder to convince people to get on auto ship for purcheses more then $200. Your reply is greatly appreciated.


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