Make the Change: Motivational Tips for a Slim & Sassy Lifestyle

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The Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition has helped hundreds of individuals improve their health and lifestyle. Whether a person needs an excuse, a reason, a competitive drive, or anything else to allow them to take their life as it is and move it in the direction they want to go, the Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition can be their starting point.

So whether or not you are participating in the Slim & Sassy Lifestyle Change Competition right now, it is never too late to start improving your health and life. Below is some advice and motivational tips from current participants to help you succeed in your goals.


Tips and Advice from Current Competitors:

“I have been using [the] Slim & Sassy blend since January 3rd and in 47 days have lost 15.1 lbs! I take 7 drops of the blend in a capsule 3 times a day and it really cuts my cravings. I don’t feel deprived and can walk away from the cakes and chocolate without feeling terrible! I even crave more fruits and veggies now. Finally Slim & Sassy blend helped me to break the vice that sugar had on my life! So happy!” -Jeanne Grimmer Gehrke

“When I signed up I changed my entire breakfast routine. I now have a Trim Shake and a piece of fruit for breakfast. I also take Slim & Sassy 3-4 times a day depending on how I feel. It has seriously reduced my cravings and desire to drink soda pop. I’m drinking more water now than I ever have. In the 3 weeks time since I started I am down 10 pounds and starting to feel better. It’s amazing how much the product has helped me start to change how I eat and even feel about food. I LOVE it!” -Nikki Clayton Nelson

“This is the 3rd week I have been using my Lifelong Vitality Pack and my Mito2Max on a consistent and daily manner. All I can say is “WOW!” It is NOT my imagination that I now have more energy and stamina! Add to that the fact I AM losing weight and my kids will soon have to race to keep up with ME! Whooohoooooo!!! I have revamped our food plan here at [our house] as well. It has more protein, green vegetables and ZERO white sugar, white rice and white bread. The diet change along with added nutrients from the whole food vitamins is really making a difference!” -Joybeth Sander

“The biggest lifestyle change tip that I can offer is to always keep trying. Don’t give up because you have one bad day. The Slim & Sassy products will help you, you just have to give them a chance. Which means not beating yourself up and quitting when the bad cravings come. A little here or there isn’t going to affect you much in the long run. Keep a positive attitude!” -Amy Lucas Kolan

“I’ve been using the Slim and Sassy blend for the past month and have been exercising more and eating healthier foods. I find that the Trim Shakes are a great way to recover after a workout, and they taste nice as well. I’m also taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack (for four months) and it has helped with my overall energy and health, no doubt. One of the major items that I find important is that you have to have a balanced approach to a makeover or you won’t stick with it or at least won’t have as much success, so I’m working to take the oils in water a couple times daily, get in exercise six days a week (three cardio, three strength), and cut out all the processed food that’s all around us. I’m down nearly ten pounds, and I’m gaining muscle in the process. At the end of April I’m going to be in the best shape of my life!” -Jarred Walton

“Four months ago I was very diligent on tracking my calories and didn’t lose even one pound in three months of being strict. That is why I can’t believe the success I am having doing the Slim & Sassy challenge! In only three weeks of the challenge I have lost ELEVEN pounds! I am a believer and couldn’t be more thrilled. A lifestyle tip that I have learned since starting is that green smoothies and/or the Slim & Sassy Trim Shake can be delicious and oh so satisfying for breakfast and a mid meal snack.” -Cathie Coombs

“To begin, I started using the Trim Shake every morning for breakfast to jump start my metabolism (I never ate breakfast before). Then I was able to join a local gym. I have been working up to now going 3-4 times a week. I have a great support group that looks for me to be at the gym every morning! It is easier for me to go in the mornings (5am to be exact) when my family is all still asleep! I feel like I get to start my day off on the right foot and by continuing the Slim & Sassy throughout the day and eating right, I am feeling AWESOME!” -Ashley Stemmler

“Amazing results with LLV, 8 drops of Slim and Sassy in a capsule and a Trim Shake in the morning. Satisfies my hunger and boosts my energy levels for hours. I have to remind myself to eat a snack and lunch because my stomach doesn’t.” -Maria Baltrukonis Littlefield

“I’m so EXCITIED about dōTERRA’s Slim and Sassy products! I have tried plenty of ‘diets’ in my life and couldn’t wait for them to be over so I could eat “real” food again. I was already using the LLV but in January added the Trim Shake. This can totally be a life time change for me! It tastes good, helps me feel full and with the help of Slim & Sassy oil I am satisfied! It is easy to pass up the food that contains white refined sugar and flour and I feel GREAT.” -Joey Hodges

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*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. dōTERRA products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Pregnant or lactating women and persons with known medical conditions should consult a physician prior to the use of any dōTERRA product. The statements shared from our Facebook page are the personal opinion of independent persons and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of dōTERRA International, LLC. Slim & Sassy® is only one of many factors in successful weight reduction. Losing weight involves proper diet, nutrition, and exercise.

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  1. For those of you that have used this short term. What have been the results when you stopped using it? Were you able to maintain the weight loss…did it help “reset” your metabolism so that you could go back to just healthy eating without using the shake or essential oils?


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  3. Thanks for you answer, one more question: Could I use Slim and Sassy now because I am spending a lot of time outside under the sun. Thanks.

  4. Was wondering when the slim and sassy will start working on taking weight off, any help would be great, Thanks Shari

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