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Upon joining DoTerra, every Indedpendent Product Consultant, has access to their very own virtual office. Simply login at to register. Some of the services you will have access to include:

1. Genealogy Reports & Displays
2. Virtual Shopping Cart
3. On-line Sign Ups
4. Order & Package Tracking
5. Auto-Rewards Management
6. Commission Summary

As well as sections for special recognitions, broadcast email, event calendars, and Dr. David Hill’s very own corner. Enjoy!

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  1. I have ppl freaking out because the bottles of doTerra state Keep Out Of Reach Of Children… please help me educate them why!

  2. I would just assume the obvious.

    1) Too much of a good thing can be harmful.

    2) Many oils can be harsh on young skin which is why it’s always recommended to dilute with a carrier oil. With that said, perhaps it’s better to keep them out of reach of those little ones who are unaware, and unsuspecting.

    3) Few oils are not recommended for children under a certain age.

    4) Allergies?

    5) Waste not, want not.

    I’m sure there’s many more reasons to add to this list, but these are just the things at the top of my head.

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