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School and Serenity

I have a 6 year-old grandson who suffers from an anxiety and separation disorder each time school starts. When the new school year began, despite expecting problems, he did fine the first few weeks. However, things quickly changed and his anxiety increased each time he was taken to school. He was very verbal about his desire not to go to school and he would cause a scene when he was made to go. When I heard about his troubles I almost found myself in tears; someone so young should be enjoying school.

Hoping to help I took my grandson to Mandy Johnson to receive reflexology. While he was there he was introduced to Serenity essential oil. He loved the smell of it. On the way to the car he asked if I would take him again sometime and allow him to smell those bottles. Mandy had given us a sample of Serenity, so I had my grandson spray it on his pillow and rub it on his feet before going to bed. The next morning, although not excited, my grandson climbed out of the car, said goodbye, and ran into the school. He has not complained about attending since.

My grandson now loves to attend dōTERRA meetings. He loves the chance he has to smell all the different essential oils. Every time I see him now he has a hold of a bottle of essential oil smelling it. I am so grateful to have found dōTERRA.

Jody Merritt

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  1. I use this oil often in my home. I use it on my 8 month old niece, it helps her relax for a goodnight sleep. You can tell when we have forgotten to put it on her. I use it on myself daily because I have anxiety and have just recently stopped taking my anxiety and depression pills. The oils have been a blessing to me and my family and I share them every chance I get. Thank you doTERRA for coming out with products that truly work!

  2. Recently I tried Serenity and found it to be a great help with my anxiety, insomnia and post traumatic stress. I use Serenity on the bottoms of my feet and Balance on my forehead and wrists. I like to add some lavender, especially at bed time. I am very grateful for such a powerful alternative to other medicines.

  3. I haven’t tried this one yet, and my order is already on the way. There are so many I am confused as to what each is for what. Would love some input for those that like to share!

  4. I recently was introduced to doTerra and found several oils that would be beneficial for my family. I have an 8 year old son who has a difficult time going to sleep at night, as well as, being extremely distracted in school. I started messaging his feet at night with Serenity and during the day when he is doing homework I have the aroma of Serenity in the room. What a difference this had made in his life. He is able to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep affording him a good nights rest, in addition being able to focus on his homework during the day. He is extremely excited about starting school and taking a cotton ball with the scent of Serenity which he knows will help him concentrate during class time.

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