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Stay Hydrated and Healthy with Essential Oil-Flavored Water

It’s that time of year when we’ll be spending more time outdoors jogging, riding bikes, or just enjoying the sunshine. As the temperatures begin to rise along with our activity level, it’s important to remember to stay hydrated.

Drinking water is so important for good health. But let’s face it—sometimes plain old water just gets boring. Flavor your water with essential oils, and you’ve added great taste at ZERO calories!

Try these delicious recipes, provided by our Facebook Fans:

1. Summer Smoothies or Popsicles
2 cups ice cubes
Stevia, Agave or honey to taste. (Agave tends to be our favorite)
3-5 drops of oil
(Ideas are: Wild Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Lemon Lavender, Peppermint (ONE DROP!) Grapefruit…be creative!)
add about 3/4 cups water
Pour into paper cups (OR MAKE POPSICLES!) and enjoy!

2. Ginger Lemon Water
Add a drop of each, or make a pitcher full of delicious ginger lemon water. Perfect after a run!

3. Orange Cinnamon Water
Add a drop of each for a sweet treat!

4. Peppermint Water
Refreshing and minty! The perfect breath freshener.

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