Power of 3 Bonus

Power of 3™ Bonus—Knowing how to structure your organization can be confusing for new Consultants. With DōTerra’s Power of 3 Bonus, consultants will be rewarded for building a strong 3 leg structure immediately. This bonus will be another way for qualifying consultants to accelerate their earnings and will be paid each month that the structure...+

DoTerra Founder's Club

In order to bring experienced leadership, and to ensure the success of our new essential oils company, DoTerra is literally offering this “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”. The opportunity is to: •Be forever recognized as a Founding Distributor of DoTerra.•Earn a share of 1% percent of DoTerra company volume indefinitely.•Gain Status as Founder’s Club member,...+

DōTerra Compensation Plan

Click on the following link to download DōTerra’s Compensation Plan Quick Reference Guide:http://mydoterra.googlepages.com/DTerraCompPlanQuickRef.v2.pdfFive simple ways to earn money with DōTerra:1. Retail profits—Buy at wholesale, sell at retail, keep the profits.2. Power of 3 Team Bonus—Receive up to $1,500 per month just for building your qualified team structure.3. Fast Start Bonuses—Enjoy weekly checks and an accelerated...+

Announcing DōTerra Fast Start & Power of 3™ Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus—Enjoy weekly checks and an accelerated earning period when you sponsor new Consultants. DōTerra’s Fast Start Bonus is designed to put income into the pockets of qualifying Consultants very quickly. DōTerra will pay all qualified Consultants an accelerated bonus on all commissionable volume from newly enrolled Consultants for their first 30 days. This...+