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The dōTERRA Convention Line is Forming …

The Line is forming for dōTERRA’s ENGAGE 2012 Celebration & Training Conference. Price goes up June 1st, so register today!

Here are the Top 10 Reasons to Attend dōTERRA’s 2012 Convention:

10. It’s Salt Lake City!

A quick drive up one of the Salt Lake’s beautiful canyons in September offers majestic vistas and a dazzling array trees decked out in their fall colors. Oh, and there is a lot of historic stuff to see and do too (that is, while you aren’t learning about great dōERRA products).

9. New Tools and Resources.

Be among the first to see new print and web training resources. See updated systems to get trained, give better access to information, and organize your dōTERRA business. Listen to case studies about how forward-thinking IPCs are using technology to share dōTERRA products and communicate with their organizations.

8. dōTERRA IPC Leaders Sharing Tips and Wisdom.

Get in-depth education and ideas from those who have “been there.” A dōERRA Convention is not just a bunch of snoozy lectures—hink engaging, technical sessions combined with opportunities to ‘ask the experts,’ and be with a wonderful, uplifting group of the global dōERRA family.

7. dōTERRA Wisdom…Concentrated.

You will learn more about dōTERRA in one week than you probably learned all year! Whether you are a new to dōTERRA products or you have a large dōTERRA organization, there is always new and exciting information to learn ̶ not to mention training on brand new products!

6. Recognition & Gala Events.

For those who have grown in their ability to sell dōTERRA products and advance in dōTERRA ‘ranks’ there are many opportunities for recognition. Come see who is on the move!

5. Product Showcase.

If you have someone in your team that wants to learn about essential oils, dōTERRA business, or to get hands on learning, don’t miss this event. Save money on special product offers and see “how-to” demonstrations that show new ways to use and share dōERRA products. Be among the first to learn about new products!

4. Build Relationships.

Convention is a very unique opportunity to be with your team, all in one place, away from distractions. One of the best parts … when you bring friends, you have a great time together and get to sit with people you want to be with, by default. Don’t have the regrettable thought, “I should have brought ____ too. She’d love this.”

3. Unique Break Out Sessions.

dōTERRA products are highly experiential. Come to convention and gain knowledge and technical wisdom to bring home to customers. In fact, breakout sessions have been so successful and popular that people often learn a new sharing technique and put it into practice that same day. How cool is that?

2. Expert Led Product Training Sessions.

Listen to dōTERRA scientific team explain why dōTERRA products are superior and have advantages over other remedies. Get real-world solutions to real-world challenges from hundreds of fellow dōTERRA peers, and take best practices and tips back to your dōTERRA customers and consultants.

1. dōTERRA Training Works!

Based on data gathered at dōTERRA’s recent 2012 Leadership Retreat, dōERRA IPCs who desire to reach ‘Silver’ rank or above are 10 TIMES more likely to achieve that goal if they attend convention than those who do not attend.

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Click HERE to register

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  1. I was on the phone with my dad the other day and he was asking me for advice as to what he should use for an ailment. So i started to look online when i thought to myself “doTerra really needs an app to look up ailments and their associated oils. They also need a way to set up a person as an IPC quickly through an app as well.” I think this would increase sales for IPCs and the company as well. So doTerra how about it??

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