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Tony Christensen

“My name is Tony Christensen.  I am 46 years old, a father of two teenagers, and an avid ultra marathon trail runner and cyclist.  My first experience with dōTERRA essential oils came just a few minutes after completing the Bear 100 in September of 2010. The Bear 100 runs from Logan to Bear Lake and is a 100 mile endurance race.  After 33 hours and 45 minutes of running up and down mountain trails, there was my wife Kathy at the finish line. She was carrying several bottles of essential oils for my blistered feet and sore knees.

After managing to peel my shoes off, Kathy applied Melaleuca and Lavender essential oil to my blistered feet to aid healing.  Earlier in the day, at around mile 85 in the race, I was barely able to continue. The blistering was bad and I had stopped to apply Neosporin, second-skin, and band-aids. Fortunately those helped for the remaining 15 miles but at the finish line my feet were in need of something more.  In the previous 100 mile races I had entered, I had suffered from the effects of blisters, walking gingerly for nearly a week.  I wanted to avoid this as much as possible.

Also, as expected, my knees were shot.  I had descended from the mountains nearly 4000 feet to Bear Lake.  I knew from previous experience that my problem was patellar tendonitis.  I knew that this could prevent me from walking up and down stairs for days after, and I could not run. I needed to try something new. Kathy applied Deep Blue essential oil between ice applications to my knees.

Running through the night in cold mountain air also had me developing a cough.  Kathy put a few drops of On Guard essential oil on my left hand and a few drops of Peppermint essential oil on my right. She had me cup my hands around my nose and mouth and take long deep breaths. This was repeated periodically.  Soon the cough was gone and I was sleeping peacefully.

So how did the dōTERRA oils help me?  My blisters and tendonitis, with continued application of essential oils healed. I returned to work with little ill effect on Monday, and my knees hardly bothered me at all.  In fact, on Tuesday, I was headed down to Moab for a 100 mile mountain bike ride on the White Rim Trail with some college friends – to unwind.  My leg muscles were still fatigued, but I barely noticed the monster blisters and sore knees I had suffered from three days earlier.

I plan on continuing to use dōTERRA oils for these ailments and others for many miles to come!”

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  1. Thank you for sharing, it’s good to know the different applications. I have had many years experience with other store bought oils, doTERRA is without a doubt the best! Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade is important, too many oils are extracted with solvents, speed, pressure, and at high temperatures that leave them less effective. I want healing, not just a hint of it. Someone please discuss frequency of application. Talk to y’all later.

  2. Congrats on such an accomplishment!! I use doTERRA essential oils and race Half Ironman’s and heal much quicker due to them. They are definitely an athlete’s best friend!!

  3. The story above fails to mention that I did require Tony’s feet to be clean before I applied my newly acquired doTERRA oils. I had just received them a couple of days before and was excited to try them out.

    There is a lot of sitting and waiting involved for families of ultra runners. I had quite a while to read through various essential oil information. I have always been interested in essential oils, but have never known anything about them. The information available on doTERRA oils can help any “newbie” get started!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m relatively new to doTERRA, but have been a marathon runner for about 3 years. I have run 4 marathons, and just signed up for my 5th. I also have Grave’s disease and have been using the oils and supplements to help with that and have noticed massive improvements. I’m excited to start training for my 5th marathon using the oils.

  5. Wow the Essential Oils really do work. However, I too am a marathon runner but need more time for recovery. Appreciate all the suggestions & tips as they really do come in handy, especially for the next ‘Big One’.

  6. I have recently started using Essential Oils. My husband, who is 73, has had chronic knee pain from old football injuries. I applied Deep Blue in a carrier oil twice and only a few hours apart. He has had no further pain. Amazing! He mocks my involvement in alternative modalities but I think he might be starting to believe.

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