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Toothaches are the worst!

This video was made by one of our Independent Product Consultants, and shows how an essential oil can be used to help with a toothache.

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  1. Great video. Thanks for sharing! I know I will pass this info on to lots of friends! Hope Liz is feeling better =)

  2. Ditto!! I had a little tooth pain that was just under the radar for a few days. It was only noticed when I quieted from the day. Until the day it started hurting… I too used clove but used it externally along the jaw line, neat. I found it totally cut the pain. The next day at a 12 appoint with a cracked tooth, I was scheduled a root cannal that same day at 4p. Before and after I used clove exclusively… and was impressed with just an oil. I keep around clove!!

  3. I can totally testify that clove oil works. I sometimes have to wait to have dental issues dealt with as we do not have dental insurance and I have been using clove oil for a while for any dental pain. Even if it is just to stop the pain of an ulcer on the inside of my cheek.

  4. I rub it on my gums with a finger. I don’t like loosing any to a cotton swab. Yes It works! What a powerful antioxidant. It is numbing because of the Eugenol natural in cloves.

    Also try cinnamon on a tooth pick. It too contains Eugenol and is so antibacterial. It taste a little better too which is a plus.

  5. Hello
    I had some nasty tooth aches about 4 months ago, wisdom tooth, and they did not go away with any painkillers! Then I heard about the cloves, so I used cloves essential oils and it almost made numb immediately! I couldn’t believe it! This video is great, it provides useful informations for people in pain. And they are natural, which means you don’t have to intoxicate your body with chemicals!

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