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Your Buyer’s Guide to dōTERRA Diffusers

“Should I buy the Lotus Diffuser or the Aroma-Ace Diffuser” is a commonly asked question.

dōTERRA offers two different diffusers, which do exactly what they are supposed to do—diffuse essential oils. You may be confused about which diffuser is right for you, so we have broken down the various functions of each diffuser in hopes that this guide will help you choose the one best suited to your needs.


Lotus Diffuser

The Lotus Diffuser is beautiful. It has a self controlled timer that allows for it to run continuously for one hour, or to automatically alternate running for 30 seconds and resting 15 seconds for one hour. It has three blue LED lights which can be very relaxing and soothing when using for aromatherapy, however, there is not an option to turn off the lights. There is a definite wow factor when someone sees this diffuser, and it can be a great conversation starter about essential oils.

With the Lotus Diffuser, the essential oils are atomized along with water into minute ion particles and active oxygen ions, which are more easily absorbed into the body than oils diffused by conventional diffusers.

The Lotus diffuser is ideal for the home, yoga studio, spa, office, or anywhere you would like to diffuse where you wouldn’t be distracted by the glowing blue light.  It is ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy the ambiance of the mist and light, and prefers an automatic shut-off.

Major differences:

  • Lotus Diffuser uses water to turn the essential oils into minute ion particles, which creates a mist.
  • Lotus Diffuser has a blue glowing light.
  • Lotus Diffuser automatically shuts off after one hour.
  • You can quietly hear water bubbling.
  • There is not a quick change system that allows you to change your essential oils at any time. If you do decide to do a quick change, you have to pour out the water and essential oils that are currently in the diffuser.

Aroma-Ace Diffuser

The Aroma-Ace Diffuser is more functional looking than the Lotus Diffuser. Although it may not be as aesthetically pleasing, it is still produces the same great benefits. The Aroma-Ace Diffuser has three different types of settings and allows for ultimate control over the essential oil you are diffusing. One setting allows you to set an “on timer” (ranging from 5-20 minutes), an “off timer” (ranging from 5-20 minutes), and a volume control setting that lets you control the intensity of diffusion. This allows for ultimate control and flexibility of your diffuser.

The Aroma-Ace Diffuser also provides a quick-change system that allows you to change your choice of essential oils at any time without the worries of mixing and spilling (although it does come with an empty glass bottle for you to premix blends in). Its state-of-the-art diffusion technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils by effectively transforming them into a micro-fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro-particles permeate the air and may remain suspended for hours, fully intact with all of their natural benefits. This diffuser also comes with a 15 ml bottle of On Guard Protective Blend.

The Aroma-Ace diffuser is ideal for the home, office, doctor’s office, hospital, bedroom or anywhere you would like to diffuse with complete control over time and intensity of what you are diffusing. For example,  if you have problems sleeping, you could set this diffuser to turn on for 10 minutes every hour throughout the night with either Serenity Calming Blend or Lavender essential oil to help you sleep better. You could do the same if you have a cold and would like to diffuse On Guard or Breathe Respiratory Blend throughout the night to help you feel better. One thing you should be aware of, however, is that the Aroma-Ace produces a buzzing noise while running. The higher the intensity you are diffusing, the louder the buzz. Some find the noise to be therapeutic and relaxing, while it may distract others.

Major Differences:

  • You have complete control over timing and intensity of diffusion.
  • You can have it running throughout the day or night, without having to do anything. (Be careful about forgetting to turn it off. You could end up diffusing much more essential oil than you intended to!)
  • You get a 15 ml bottle of On Guard Protective Blend.
  • Can fit in most small spaces.
  • Depending on the intensity you have it set at, you could go through a bottle of essential oil much quicker.
  • Does have a buzzing noise that increases with intensity.


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  1. I love reading about the Lotus and the Aroma Ace. It’s also important to know “The greatest therapeutic benefit is received by diffusing oils for only 15 minutes out of an hour so that the olfactory system (our nose and brain) has time to recover before receiving more oils. Also, heat may reduce some of the benefits. (P 35 Modern Essentials fifth edition)

  2. Can someone tell me the directions for using the Lotus diffuser? I lost my directions and don ‘t know how many drops of oils to put in. Appreciate your help.

  3. just how loud is the buzzing noise? decibelwise? that way, i can ascertain whether it is tolerable or not. want to know if the buzzing noise would be similar to the white noise we use. i wish there were a recording of the buzzing noise to give us more info.

  4. Lut
    The buzz can be ignored during the day. The outside noises, TV, and everyday life cover it. I am am able to sleep through it but it does seem to wake me up occasionally when it comes back on. Hope that helps.

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  6. I received the Lotus for my massage room, and one drawback that I realized is it turns off every hour and I am having to turn it on it many times throughout the day. Also it runs out of water in the reservoir periodically and turns off, so I have to check on that and refill. You have to take apart the apparatus to be able to see how much water is still left. For those reasons, between turning off every hour, running out of water and turning off, I gave up using it. My suggestion, IF you like to have it on throughout the day without bother and then the Aroma Ace would be better a choice.

  7. Fall in love with get Aromatherapy essential oil! It is for female problems like PMS or menopausal distress, it is helpful. The oil has a cooling effect on the head, which in turn improves blood circulation in the scalp.

  8. The Lotus I received in my kit cracked around the water receptacle–I had it replaced while under warranty. Now, my replacement has cracked the same way. Don’t know if that is a real problem, but it is concerning. I often spill when adding oil or water because of the awkward opening. It’s very pretty, and I use it every night, but the cracking and awkward opening are definitely annoying.

  9. I started using the Aroma Ace last month. I have it running all nite- 5 on and 20 off. We love it! If the volume is low the noise isn’t any louder than the fan we have going , and it uses very little oil

  10. I have the 8 hour small defuser,and really enjoy it but last night I went to turn it on and the fan would work for about 3 seconds then stop.its upsetting haven’t used it since last night.

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